Fred Fourcher

Founder / CEO

Fred Fourcher has sought out the best professionals in the industry to build on the unparalleled success the Company has enjoyed over the years. A key role for Fourcher is focusing on changing television news quality, delivery and content management in ways that were never thought of before.

Bitcentral CEO Fred Fourcher

In 1987, Mr. Fourcher started the predecessor company Miralite Communications which built large satellite dishes and networks for broadcast content distribution and distance learning. Recognizing the opportunity to offer voice and data services between Russia and the US, in 1992 Miralite Communications created a spin-off called DirectNet Telecommunications, an international common carrier. Mr. Fourcher served as DirectNet’s president from 1992 through 1994, during which time he implemented the Company’s global network strategy. DirectNet grew beyond Russia and in 1999 its revenues were close to $90 million.

In 1998 Miralite was one of the first companies to deploy a satellite based IP content distribution network for the State University of New York. In 2000 the name changed to Bitcentral which provided a nationwide news distribution network to CBS Newspath and another network for NBC News Channel in 2003. Recognizing that newsrooms across the country were beginning to migrate away from traditional video tape to more efficient, higher quality digital video files Bitcentral developed their first news production system called Precis in 2005. Helping customers reduce satellite distribution costs Bitcentral developed Oasis, its asset management and sharing system in 2006.

Today, Bitcentral is committed to broadcast news. As a staunch proponent of improving the news production and distribution environment to yield a more informed viewing public, Fourcher is a frequent speaker at industry events and considered one of the industry’s leading visionaries on the production, aggregation and distribution of news.