John King

Vice President of Professional Engineering Services

John is Bitcentral’s “subject matter expert” and oversees all product installations. John and his team manage fulfillment of orders, configures systems to meet individual station needs, installs the systems and provides local staff training.

John King, Vice President, Prof. Engineering Services

As Vice President of Engineering, Mr. King directs and manages all services related to the digital broadcasting and satellite communications markets. He is responsible for building service revenue such as engineering, consulting, integration, installation, customer support, customer training, ongoing software maintenance support, and other technical support services.

An 18-year veteran of Bitcentral, John has supervised the installation of Precis and Oasis solutions in hundreds of TV newsrooms across the country. From procurement to go-live, nothing goes into the field without the hands on involvement of King’s team. During an eight-week install cycle, King is on-site, on average, for four weeks, installing, tweaking the customized applications, validating the workflow system and training local employees. It is this attention to detail that has allowed Bitcentral to meet its go-live commitments in 100% of its installations. That success rate is due to a herculean effort on behalf of the engineering team devoted to their customers and King’s philosophy that “the extra mile makes all the difference.”

As a veteran of the Public Broadcasting Service, Mr. King has 25 years of experience in commercial and public broadcasting, specializing in all areas of earth station technology, studio and facility design, satellite analysis and field engineering supervision. Mr. King is key in the development of Bitcentral’s technical knowledge base and system configuration.