Michael Petersen

Vice President, Support & Operations

Michael works closely with Media & Entertainment companies to understand customers current as well as future needs in Broadcast as well as the broader Media & Entertainment market. Michael then prioritizes development to align to industry demand as well as designing Bitcentral’s advanced development.

Michael Petersen, VP Product Management

Michael Petersen is Vice President of Product Management for Bitcentral. Bitcentral, based out of Newport Beach, is a leading software tools provider for Newsroom, Master Control and Automation solutions in the broadcast market. Michael reports directly to President and founder Fred Fourcher. Michael is a software engineer with over 20 years of experience in all facets of software development.

Prior to Bitcentral, Michael co-founded a boutique development shop that focused on building custom media asset management and workflow solutions for the Media & Entertainment market. Michael and his team successfully developed and deployed mission critical solutions for Technicolor, NBC, ABC, CBS, MTV Networks, Paramount Pictures, Disney Studios, TMZ, SDI Media, Microsoft as well as many more.

Michael also held positions at Microsoft where he specialized in catering to the Media & Entertainment and Telecommunications market delivering briefings, architectural design sessions, and proof of concept development engagements. Michael helped launched Microsoft’s first Microsoft Technology Center as well as being Microsoft’s eCommerce Solutions Group.