Central Control Ingest

Your best friend in the control room, the Ingest Module multitasks like a champ and streamlines the capture of all live and file-based content.

Bitcentral Central Control Ingest

Easy Ingest & Prep

The Central Control Ingest Module makes it easier than ever to ingest and prep video programming for broadcast. Able to handle up to four HD video sources at the same time and integrate with the most common program and ad delivery services, the Ingest Module automatically transfers ingested files to the management module for storage, retrieval, and playback.

Adaptable with today and tomorrow in mind, the Ingest Module manages all live feed recording with flexible scheduling tools- show segments and breaks can be trimmed and in/out points quickly marked for instant replay, time-shifting, or delaying.

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Heavy Duty Workhorse

The Central Control Ingest Module stands up to a continuous, heavy-duty ingest and playout schedule, delivering high-quality results every time. And because it’s supported by enterprise-level HPE servers with a wide range of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) tools, this system is both reliable and easy to use.

Stressing rock-solid stability and versatile functionality, the Central Control Ingest Module gives you a full suite of state-of-the-art management and automation features that will serve your station for years to come. With a modular design, the Ingest Module is able to grow with your operation, whether you demand a robust and streamlined centralized ingest or a highly localized, multi-channel environment across geographically diverse locations. When paired with the Central Control Playout Module, the Ingest Module fits beautifully into large and elaborate shared-storage models.

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