Focus On Creating Your Programming,
Not On A Potential Problem.

With Eagleye, we fix it before it fails,
keeping your system functional and always ready for air.

It is a fact of life, computer components will fail, hard drives will go bad, disks will run out of space and power supplies will die… it happens. And when it does, it means last-minute scrambling to get your show on air.

Bitcentral is working hard to make the last-minute scramble a distant memory for you, your engineering and your IT teams. With Bitcentral’s Eagleye Proactive Monitoring, we keep an eye on all of your servers for you as part of your annual support agreement – all day, every day, so you can focus on creating more shows.

How Does It Monitor?

A small, lightweight module is installed on each server from where critical system components, software and drivers are monitored and a small packet of information is returned to the Bitcentral Support Center. Eagleye integrates into the Bitcentral suite of solutions and works seamlessly with the system and network architecture that is already in place at your facility.

When Does It Monitor?

There is no hard and fast rule, it is whatever works for your network. Eagleye is designed to be configurable and unobtrusive so it does not impact show production. This is done by scheduling all monitoring activities and collection at a time that fits your news production schedule.

What Does It Monitor?

  • Machine Name
  • OS & SQL Version Installed
  • Bitcentral Software Versions Installed
  • Last Boot
  • Motherboard Info
  • CPU Type
  • Memory Installed
  • Page File Info
  • Time Zone
  • Disk Errors
  • Disk Size and Free Space
  • Disk Fragmentation
  • RAID Controller Info
  • RAID Disk Info
  • Information on Specified Directories
  • Information on Specified Files
  • Information on Specified Services
  • Performance Statistics:
    • Available Memory
    • CPU Usage
    • Memory Pages/sec
    • Avg. Disk Queue Length
    • Event Viewer Errors
    • Application
    • System

The Results:

At the Bitcentral Support Center in Newport Beach, CA, we have a number of methods set up to monitor and react to the data including a large flat screen on the wall that our Support Team loves to keep an eye on. If we notice something isn’t right, usually the problem is a component that is going to fail in the near future, we jump into action and contact the appropriate individuals to take corrective measures. We do all of this before an actual component failure, so your show makes it to air without issue.

Eagleye GUI

Support Central

Meet the Support Central service team; delivering superior 24/7/365 service and support from our corporate headquarters in sunny Newport Beach, California.