The Streaming Platform You've Been Waiting For

FUEL delivers the broadcast-quality experience that viewers want from a video streaming platform. With an extraordinary viewing experience powered by an innovative process that creates dynamic channels with seamless content flows, FUEL drives more traffic, more engagement, and more ad revenue.


FUEL brings a TV-like experience to online video without additional production or programming resources. It is a video content platform that seamlessly integrates ads into a continuous stream of digital content for a superior viewer experience, creating longer viewing times that amplify ad revenue. In doing so, it generates 5x-10x the ad impressions for broadcasters, content providers, and audience owners. No other online streaming platform delivers a lean-back, engaging experience like FUEL.


The Definitive Streaming Solution

FUEL is the online video streaming platform the industry has been waiting for, powering productivity gains for content producers, providing unparalleled experiences for consumers, and producing strong returns on investments for publishers.


Increase in hours viewed


Increase in ad impressions


Increase in session length

Streaming Fundamentals For Today And Tomorrow

Cloud-Based Video Platform

Focus on running your business instead of managing multiple vendors and workflows. Simplify operations with our easy-to-use, cloud-based video platform.

  • Manage all video streaming functions from anywhere
  • Award-winning customer support is always just a click or call away – 24/7


Monetize your live streaming programs and events, including programming that is not scheduled or that has start times and end times that change.

  • Provide pause-free and buffer-free video content viewing on all devices with continuous, smooth, broadcast-quality streams
  • Replace broadcast live programing with digital ads using GPIO triggers or embedded SCTE-35 triggers

Workflow Automation

Automation at key points in the video workflow creates significant efficiencies for digital content producers and elevates the quality of the viewing experience for audiences.

  • Automate playlist creation and updating based on content metadata
  • Automate continuous 24-hour channel of live and most recent programming
  • Automate viewer messaging when interrupting on-demand content with live and breaking stories or when moving from live programming to on-demand content

Dynamic Playlisting

Playlists are created and adjusted based on the current content ingested.

  • Completely automate video playlist creation
  • Personalize sessions with dynamic manifests for each viewer
  • Modify playlists with smart, dynamic categorization and playlisting

Seamless VOD → Live → VOD Workflow

Create loyal viewers by seamlessly interrupting content for breaking live stories.

  • Deliver the most up-to-date information by easily enabling unscheduled live programming to interrupt viewing
  • Create a 24-hour channel that continuously streams live and on-demand content streams

Asset Augmentation

Give consumers more reasons to like you by going beyond video content.

  • Offer audio transcripts of all content ingested into FUEL
  • Create speech-to-text files synchronized with videos
  • Match assets to keywords with automated metadata tagging

Consistent Playout Across Platforms

Player- and device-agnostic video streaming makes FUEL accessible to anyone.

  • Adaptive bitrate streaming improves viewing experience
  • Seamless playout to all platforms (web, mobile, OTT) without player integration makes viewing easy

Non-Stop Live™

Presents the most recent content programming, starting from the beginning, so viewers don’t miss a minute of their favorite live shows.

  • Seamlessly streams live newscasts automatically, replacing broadcast on-air ads with digital ads
  • Viewers can start the live stream from the beginning, no matter what time they join, or to join in progress based on the program schedule


A personalized stream of content increases engagement and drives longer viewing times to deliver more advertising impressions.

  • Creates news and news-like digital streaming channels, easily spinning up channels in minutes
  • Highest-quality presentation eliminates downtime, no loading icons while waiting for video content or ads to play

Breaking Live Solution

Seamlessly switches to unplanned live news while maintaining a continuous video stream.

  • Enables and adjusts for unscheduled breaking news, extended coverage, time variability of programming, and schedule changes
  • Initiates manual triggers into live programming so that ads are inserted where they would not have been otherwise

Automated Transitions

Traditional players typically lead a consumer to a dead end. When one video finishes, they have to start another to begin watching again. Not so with FUEL. Automated transitions ensure a consistent consumer experience.

  • Smoothly transitions between content clips when entering and exiting ad breaks
  • Automatically inserts and stitches transition graphics to ensure continuous streams

Advertising / SSAI

Server-side ad insertions (SSAI) are immune from ad blockers, creating a brand-safe stream of content that viewers enjoy watching when and where they want across all platforms.

  • Dynamically targets ads
  • Eliminates video stutters

Pop-Up Digital Channels

On-demand stories can be aggregated from multiple sources with automated ingest and updating into FUEL. FUEL’s dynamic video channel creation enables pop-up streaming channels to be completely automated – eliminating any additional resources required.

  • Live and on-demand content stream in the same channels
  • Content is dynamically updated


Blend news and programming content in TV-like streams, seamlessly switching between live and on-demand content. Comprehensive breaking news component allows you to interrupt content viewing with unscheduled live programming that gives viewers the most up-to-date information.

  • Automate 24-hour live or most recent programming channels
  • Efficiently monetize live and on-demand programming with SSAI
  • Give your OTT audience the same consistent experience they get watching linear broadcast TV

Create new revenue opportunities while giving fans a broadcast-like experience, offering live and on-demand content in the same channels.

  • Stream games and highlights
  • Closely tie sponsorships to content with automated transitions
  • Offer archived content for viewers to watch

Distribute content to viewers on different devices through a single streaming platform that maximizes the return on your investment in content.

  • Monetize your content in new ways
  • Publish timely video content via apps, mobile web, OTT, and other means
  • Give viewers an engaging, TV-like experience on every device

The Definitive Streaming Solution

See how FUEL delivers a better viewing experience, driving increased engagement and monetization opportunities for your business.


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