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Veset Nimbus is cloud-based playout software used for professional linear TV channel playout. Nimbus plays live and pre-recorded video, audio, graphics and captioning. Launch new channels, migrate existing channels, start an event-driven pop-up channel, or run disaster recovery channels without up-front hardware costs.


Nimbus is a professional, self-service, cloud-based playout solution for broadcasters and broadcast service providers. It includes a complete linear broadcast channel and playout workflow – media file ingest, MAM, scheduling, and playout. Nimbus provides the ability to manage multiple channels. It can be used for 24/7 long-term channels, pop-up channels, or disaster recovery.


Nimbus is cloud-based software specifically designed to run on cloud computing resources and to maximize their use. Cloud computing resources include cloud servers, storage, databases, and security made available by global cloud suppliers.

Nimbus was designed and developed from the ground up for cloud use and all of its elements are truly and fully virtualized making it the perfect cloud-based playout solution.


100% Cloud-Based Service for Linear Television


Native import of BXF-compliant playlists, 3rd party text-based formats (e.g. WideOrbit, OSi, Protrack, etc.), or custom format support for customer-specific CSV, XLSX, XML, and more. Operators can apply last-minute changes, identify missing content and create placeholders.


Built-in automated QC functionality verifies media playability, extracts metadata, analyzes audio loudness, and verifies secondary data streams. Automated ingest from FTP, SFTP, AWS S3, Azure Blob, Telia OS, Alibaba OSS, Wasabi, and dotstudioPRO. A wide variety of supported video codecs are supported.

Multiple simultaneous live sources are available over IP (UDP, RTP, RTP-FEC, HLS, SRT, RTMP) along with AWS MediaConnect.


A powerful MAM enables users to search/filter by metadata values, content preview, tagging, manual metadata addition, virtual asset copies/segmentation, cue-point management.


Web-based WYSIWYG graphics editor with multi-layered based graphics. Graphics are imported as images or Quicktime (MOV) animations with or without alpha channels and are triggered in the playlists.


Supports numerous video standards including SD, HD, UHD (up to 60 fps), NTSC, ATSC, and PAL. Standard DVB-compliant MPEG-TS or IP (UDP, RTP, RTP-FEC, HLS, SRT, and RTMP outputs are also available). Stereo audio output (up to 8 pairs). Advanced SCTE-35 output is available with customizable if-then conditions along with DTMF tone passthrough are included to trigger downstream devices.


Nimbus automatically analyses the playout outputs feeds for black/frozen video, audio tracks silent, etc. A built-in Multiviewer allows operators to watch all live contribution feeds and outputs on a single screen. The system generates audit logging for user actions and system events. All logs may be filtered and searched.


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