Product Description

FUEL is a digital streaming and monetization solution whose exceptional viewing experience has the longest session duration in the marketplace, generating ten times the ad impressions for audience owners, content providers and advertisers. That’s real money.

No other streaming platform delivers a lean back, engaging experience like FUEL. FUEL powers Linear on Demand™ (LOD™) dynamic channels in a cloud-based platform with features like join in progress, cold open, the ability to insert live content, and no pre-rolls that turn away viewers. Ads are immune from ad blockers, seamlessly inserted into a brand safe stream of content viewers enjoy watching, when and where they want across all platforms.

Beyond the imagination? Only with FUEL.
Your easy path to new digital revenue.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Cost

    Content monetization supports local spot ads as well as pre-integrated with Ad Network – all inserted on the Server-Side to maintain the highest quality viewing experience.

  • Integrated

    Efficient end-to-end digital workflow allows users to quickly version content, apply graphics and manage closed captions with one toolset.

  • Users

    Dynamic viewing experience delivers a seamless, continuous and dynamic stream of video content to each viewer in real-time.

  • Linear-on-Demand™ stream increases level of engagement and drives longer viewing times to deliver more advertising impressions.

FUEL™ KHQ Case Study