Product Description

FUEL empowers content owners and creators with an easier path than ever before to enhance existing media assets with a smooth and integrated workflow. The delivery system efficiently monetizes existing assets through advertising, with a server-side streaming engine, enabling a great viewing experience.

The personalized stream translates into higher levels of engagement, longer viewing, and more advertising impressions – resulting in more revenue staying with the content owners.

FUEL powers Linear on Demand™ (LOD™), personalized channels in a cloud-based solution. FUEL seamlessly delivers stories viewers are interested in, delivered when and where they want to consume them, across all platforms.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Cost

    Content monetization supports local spot ads as well as pre-integrated with Ad Network – all inserted on the Server-Side to maintain the highest quality viewing experience.

  • Integrated

    Efficient end-to-end digital workflow allows users to quickly version content, apply graphics and manage closed captions with one toolset.

  • Users

    Personalized viewing experience delivers a seamless, continuous and personalized stream of video content to each viewer in real-time.

  • Linear-on-Demand™ stream increases level of engagement and drives longer viewing times to deliver more advertising impressions.