Product Description

Our field-centric “story-first” tools allow users to contribute from laptops, tablets and mobile devices using a secure managed file transfer system.

The complete Oasis asset management system is securely shared across all authorized stations and is also available to field users for uploading or downloading content to aid in their remote story production.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Multiple Devices

    Allows web, tablet, and mobile use with a fully HTML-5 compliant user interface.

  • Transfer

    Provides an integrated accelerated HTTP transfer App with parallel processing upload/download capabilities to get through those weak or interference ridden mobile internet connections.

  • Deliver

    Field-centric workflows that allow reporters to deliver field-produced stories into the newsroom NRCS for quick go-to air abilities, directly from the field.

  • Search

    Simplifies search functionalities with a unified search engine that facilitates speedy results across all raw clips, works in progress and the complete archive of every station in the sharing group with efficient lifecycle asset management.

  • Access

    Fully integrated MOS compliant NRCS Active panel that integrates of access of all the MAM assets and archive repositories without ever leaving the NRCS system.




Reliable content archive and back up support with disaster recovery.


Product Description

Archive, back-up, and disaster recovery, all at your fingertips with Oasis Wellspring.

There is nothing more valuable than your content. Wellspring will make sure it’s 100% available today, tomorrow and in the future with this long-term content protection and preservation solution. Wellspring combines high-speed network-attached storage with automatic data replication to your on- or off-site digital vault. New files are automatically recognized upon arrival, replicated, and synchronized to the digital vault for fail-safe protection and preservation. Peace of mind has never been so easy.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Storage

    Up to 2.5 Petabytes storage capacity

  • Servers

    Cloud-based archive connectors for virtual storage

  • Replication

    Automatic data replication

  • Media Duplication

    Media pooling and duplication

  • Fast Storage

    High Speed local NAS storage

  • Recording

    Open recording formats

  • Secure

    Secure web vault access