Product Description

Precis is the most efficient open news production system on the market, delivering news to over 85 million American households every day.

Precis supports a NRCS integrated Active Panel, realtime rundown management, integration with the most popular non-linear editors and play-out. It is the cornerstone of Bitcentral’s Core News system and offers flexible, reliable and efficient workflows that are also compatible with third-party Automation systems.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Integration

    NRCS active panel integration allows direct story attaching and multi-channel live playout in manual and fully automated newsrooms.

  • Wire Feed

    Active panel wire feed integration automatically searches all Oasis MAM repositories, providing notification in the NRCS active panel when new material matches search criteria.

  • Web Based

    Scalable Web-based interface provides access throughout the station facilities so all content can be viewed and manipulated during the News production cycle.

  • Rundown

    Fully integrated rundown and story attaching tools across the entire newsroom and field centric production facilities.

Precis Video

Contribute And Publish For Playout