Product Description

Prism is a flexible NRCS platform that connects journalists, producers, and directors to the stories that need telling. Prism enables collaboration in the newsroom throughout the production process, including publishing content beyond traditional audiences to the web and social media. The flexible architecture allows clients internal to the newsroom and across a WAN connection or Mobile App to contribute to stories as they develop. Presented in a modular platform, Prism features can be added easily to address the growing needs of any newsroom.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Servers

    Search Alerts from Oasis MAM prompts notifications from the Prism NRCS while content is being ingested into the Core News™ production system.

  • Users

    Social Media and Web CMS Integration improves efficiencies to research breaking news while publishing stories or promos directly from rundowns to Social Media and CMS webpages from within the Prism NRCS.

  • Transfer

    Journalist App for Smartphones and Tablets enables greater collaboration through field centric workflow processes and remote access for journalists working from the field.

  • Multiple Devices

    Unified and Flexible Interface supports multiple editorial workflows in one integrated user interface, providing immediate access to information as updates occur.