Oct 07 2020

Published in ExpoPrensario, here. (Spanish Article) October 2020.

Héctor Sánchez, Bitcentral’s director in Latin America, highlighted to Prensario the company’s current situation in the context of the pandemic that has been affecting the entire world since the first months of the year: ‘Except for the fact that we cannot travel to visit our clients, we have continued to serve them normally, but now remotely‘.

In terms of sales, he said, ‘we have demo systems that we access remotely and allow us to show the ease of use and efficiency of our solutions. In terms of support, our solutions are designed to be implemented, updated, and monitored remotely. In fact, since May 2020, we have been implementing systems 100% remotely‘.

About the Latin American team, the executive said: ‘The Latin American team continues to function at full capacity, we have Andrés Galván who is the VP of Sales, Amaury Silva, the Director of Sales for South America. Alevil Rincones is managing the development of new businesses. Our systems architect is Israel Zamudio, and Vicente Lemus completes the team, who is the director of operations and implementation and support‘.

Sanchez explained that one of his main goals is ‘to help our customers realize their technological goals and facilitate the knowledge and acquisition of our solutions. In addition, Bitcentral has complete support, development, and implementation team that has been and continues to be available 24×7 during the pandemic and throughout the year’.

Adoption of FUEL and sales success

The adoption of FUEL has been growing mainly in the American market. We believe that “streaming” will be one of the main sources of income from advertising sales in the future. With FUEL we have created an elegant solution that delivers on the promise of what digital broadcasting can be. FUEL creates an extraordinary visual experience driven by an innovative process that attracts viewers for longer periods of time, generating greater advertising print sales revenue. Bitcentral has 50% of the US news production market with Core News, and what we have experienced is an exponential growth in the use of the remote contribution tools provided by our social media publishing and archive management module called Oasis’.

A great benefit is that FUEL allows us to create emerging digital linear transmission channels for any platform, and we have experienced an increase in streaming consumption, as people are tuning in to local news like never before to be informed of what is happening in their area.

Message for their customers in LATAM

Our company is always innovating and the performance of our development team has been exemplary despite the pandemic. There will be new releases and they will be announced in a timely manner by our marketing department. We are one of the most reliable and innovative software providers in the video industry. For over 20 years, we have helped major broadcasters create workflows that maximize the value of the content they produce’.

In LatAm we are an experienced, dynamic and innovative team that is available to collaborate with our customers and prospects in providing efficiencies in the operation of their facilities with our solutions and technologies. In the specific case of the pandemic we have remote contribution solutions that allow very easy finding, contributing, and sharing of news, allows users to easily contribute with content from cell phones, tablets, laptops and desktops without an application installed. Only the HTML5′ browser interface is required,” he said.