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The news won’t wait. Our field-centric media asset management software lets your team instantaneously deliver video, images, scripts, and other metadata remotely. Items are immediately attached and available for playout or digital distribution.


News production is fast-paced. It requires reliable, powerful, and streamlined tools to quickly deliver quality content. That is why Bitcentral originally developed Oasis© Media Asset Manager (MAM) – to store, search/filter, and retrieve news content. As station groups wanted to share assets between facilities, we created Oasis Sharing. Oasis Sharing enables geographically dispersed teams to quickly perform federated searches of near-line and deep archive media. Oasis Sharing then seamlessly manages the transfer of media assets. As their library of assets grow, our customers require cost-effective tiered storage solutions with both on-premise and cloud-based options. This is why we offer Oasis Archive.

The Benefits of Oasis

Oasis MAM

A collaborative media asset management (MAM) software offering the perfect media workflow solution for news production. Field-centric tools seamlessly connect your remote teams with your studio, allowing you to push stories quicker, whether on-air or to social media and digital outlets. Journalists can quickly search and access content, including remote teams, and submit edited packages, images, scripts, and other metadata to the newsroom through the industry’s leading media asset management software. Items are immediately attached and available for playout or digital distribution. Users have the freedom to contribute from laptops, tablets, and mobile devices via a secure, managed file transfer system.

Oasis Sharing

Geographically dispersed news production facilities within an enterprise network generate unique challenges when sharing content between locations. Oasis Sharing links multiple Oasis MAM systems so users can quickly and effectively perform federated searches to locate and view content through their existing user interface. Content can then be made available for review, edit, or placed directly to a rundown for playback. Automated routines effortlessly transfer content to desired locations while adhering to rules-based permissions.

Oasis Archive

Bitcentral provides cost-effective storage solutions, whether on-premise tape-based libraries or cloud storage solutions with Fusion Hybrid Storage. Oasis archive solutions intelligently manage the extension of Oasis on-premise storage.

On-premise, high-density LTO libraries are engineered to meet your needs today and into the future. Libraries are expandable by adding additional LTO tapes and/or expansion modules. Our solutions easily integrate with existing network infrastructure, and we provide services to migrate existing libraries.

Fusion Hybrid Storage

The name Fusion represents a new set of services providing an increased feature set backed by cloud capabilities. Fusion Hybrid Storage (FHS) leverages the reliability and low latency of on-premise storage and the flexibility and scalability of commercially available cloud-based resources – providing customers with content and data protection for high-resolution content, proxies, and metadata.

Content can be readily searched and accessed through your current Oasis user interface. It includes a selectable reserved storage capacity with cost efficiencies at scale. It is available as a contract or a “pay as you go” option, empowering customers to opt for the costing model that meets their storage objectives. Thanks to its cloud-based architecture, FHS offers peace of mind by securely storing your valuable content off-site. Overall, FHS provides a convenient, secure, and cost-effective way to store and access your media content.


Multipath is a video digital distribution system designed as an upgrade module for Oasis. It offers broadcasters an efficient and innovative solution for publishing content beyond traditional broadcasting platforms.

Multipath’s enhanced Video Player, supports closed captioning across all publishing points, ensuring broadcasters meet accessibility requirements and reach a wider audience. The Unified Publishing Output Panel streamlines the process of managing multiple social media accounts to support stations, programs, and individual journalists. Additionally, the Authorization System provides publishing authorization with audit trail tracking, ensuring transparency and accountability in the publishing process. Finally, the Integrated Authoring Pane consolidates views of the content across all selected digital platforms, providing broadcasters with an efficient and user-friendly interface for their digital publishing needs.


A field-centric tool that allows you to share stories with other stations and markets from a laptop, tablet, or mobile device through a secure managed file transfer system.


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