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The news won’t wait. Our field-centric media asset management software lets your team instantaneously deliver video, images, scripts, and other metadata remotely. Items are immediately attached and available for playout or digital distribution.


Oasis is a collaborative media asset management software that is the perfect media workflow solution for news production and archiving. Field-centric tools seamlessly connect your remote teams with your studio, allowing you to push stories quicker, whether on-air or to social media and digital outlets. Remote journalists can download clips to the field and upload edited packages to the newsroom through the industry’s leading media asset management software. Journalists can contribute from laptops, tablets, and mobile devices via a secure managed file transfer system.

The Benefits of Oasis


Get Instant Access to Video Files

Find the footage you need and download it in record time with Oasis media asset management software.


Designed as a MAM upgrade module for Oasis, the Multipath video digital distribution system integrates with our Core News suite of news production tools to publish beyond traditional broadcasting platforms.

  • Enhanced Video Player supports closed captioning across all publishing points
  • Unified Publishing Output Panel manages multiple social media accounts to support stations, programs, and individual journalists
  • Authorization System supports publishing authorization with audit trail tracking
  • Integrated Authoring Pane consolidates views of the content across all selected digital platforms


As an extension of Oasis, Wellspring provides reliable content archiving, backup support, and disaster recovery at your fingertips. With Wellspring, you can rest easy knowing your media files are safe and can be accessed easily.
  • Cloud-based archive connectors for virtual storage
  • Automatic data replication
  • Media pooling and duplication
  • High-speed local NAS storage
  • Open recording formats
  • Secure web vault access


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