Bitcentral Evangelizes with its New Products

Nov 11 2019

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Bitcentral shows off its products in Latin America. The company, which has a large portion of the US market with its news solutions, has a double challenge in the region: convincing potential customers of the benefits of FUEL, its latest product, as well as the convenience and advantages of its news production systems.

Fred, Fred, and Hector


Héctor Sánchez, director of Bitcentral for Latin America, commented that the challenge is worth it because it is a highly effective product, with more than 20 years in the market. “In Mexico we have about 400 stations that trust us to broadcast their content,” he said.

He added “Bitcentral realized the market’s online needs , and given its knowledge with the workflow, we decided to invest in Fuel, to enhance sales of digital video impressions, and improve the viewing experience so the user stays connected for a longer time.” “We generate a personalized, dynamic stream and the user sees it from any OTT platform. It can be combined.” Sanchez said “ this is possible, it makes sense and there are players already who want and need it. We are touring the region presenting Fuel’s features and benefits for the new way of producing and streaming content, we also showcase Bitcentral’s full portfolio of products

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About Bitcentral, Inc. Founded in 2000, Bitcentral is a software company that provides efficient media workflows and customized solutions to maximize the value of video content. Our Core News™ solution is the No. 1 news production platform in the U.S. reaching millions every day; Central Control™ provides a flexible toolset for master control operation with modules to execute all the processes that converge into playout; while FUEL™, our most innovative and industry-changing Linear on Demand™ streaming solution, is creating an easy path to new digital revenue. More than 1,000 broadcast operations worldwide rely on Bitcentral’s news production and master control automation software and with FUEL™, they’ll now be able to target and deliver personalized content across digital platforms (OTT, web, apps, mobile devices), social media and syndication. Bitcentral is based in Newport Beach, California, and its Latin America headquarters is in Mexico City. Schedule a demo today with a Bitcentral expert to see how FUEL can create an easy path to new digital revenue while elevating workflow efficiencies and maximizing the value of media.