Bitcentral Makes ViewNexa Streaming Platform Available On Samsung TV Plus

Jul 09 2024

Published by Yahoo! tech here

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.—Bitcentral is now making its ViewNexa streaming platform available on Samsung Electronics’ Samsung TV Plus, the company said.

Samsung TV Plus has experienced a 60% year-over-year growth in viewership around the world. With availability on Samsung TV Plus, ViewNexa gives its users a new way to deliver live and ad-supported video-on-demand VOD content to millions of Samsung TV viewers without requiring a subscription or external device, it said.

“Integrating with a Tier-1 platform like Samsung TV Plus brings tremendous business value to our customers,” said Sam Kamel, CEO of Bitcentral. “As audience demand for streaming video continues to rapidly grow, by integrating our platform into the Samsung TV Plus ecosystem, we help our customers reach an important and growing base of viewers. As the streaming landscape evolves, ViewNexa’s availability on Samsung TV Plus underscores Bitcentral’s ambitious vision for providing customers the best platform for streaming media distribution and monetization.”

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