Jun 04 2021

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Implementation centralizes 22 locations into one hub, marking Bitcentral’s largest U.S. installation to date

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., June 2, 2021 — Bitcentral Inc., a well-known provider of efficient media workflows in the U.S. and Latin America, has completed centralizing operations for Entravision Communications Corporation, the leading global media, and marketing technology company, through its Central Control product, a comprehensive and fully integrated master control and automation system.

Entravision’s shift to Central Control marks Bitcentral’s largest installation of this product in the United States, consolidating 22 broadcast facilities with 56 uniquely programmed channels clearing 10 different national networks. Central Control enables Entravision to improve and maximize its portfolio operations, including streamlining processes across multiple facilities into one location, the company’s main hub in McAllen, Texas.

“Bitcentral’s Central Control solution is just the right fit to help Entravision accomplish its objective to centralize its master control operation to leverage new workflows and improve operational efficiencies,” said Jeffery Liberman, President, and Chief Operating Officer at Entravision. “Central Control’s flexibility enables our team to easily manage remote processes from a single location, while still enabling local operations to remain in control of their branding, ad insertion, and news content.”

“We are happy to report that Central Control has officially been fully implemented across Entravision’s markets,” said Fred Fourcher, CEO and founder of Bitcentral. “We are exceptionally proud to be working with Entravision for the largest installation of our Central Control platform in the U.S. The completion of this installation is a milestone moment for Bitcentral.”

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