Bitcentral: Strengthening remote work during the pandemic

Apr 19 2021

Published in PrensarioZone in Spanish here

Within the framework of the NAB Preview and beginning the second year of the pandemic, it is interesting for to talk with Sam Peterson, General Manager of the Core News Business unit from Bitcentral, one of the companies that invested the most in Latin America just before the lockdown.

With the incorporation of Alevil Rincones in Mexico and Amaury Silva based in Brazil for South America. Sam highlighted his enthusiasm for the contribution that his experience is giving to support the region within the team that also highlights Héctor Sánchez from Miami.
Successes from the pandemic

Sam Peterson expressed that Bitcentral’s work during the pandemic was successful due to the great developments they continued to make in remote workflows and subsequent innovations that were pouring into the market. Among them, its Create 3 video editor stands out, a web-based solution improved precisely for remote work and aimed at making editing in the cloud much more powerful and accessible. He also highlighted the new functionalities for its recognized Central Control as a Media Management system and FUEL.

In the right path
As he highlighted, the main focus was on generating greater efficiency for remote workflows during the pandemic and it was shown that they are on the right track. This was a great help for their clients in these times since they were able to work their contents regardless of the location. Their entire product line, from Core News to Central Control and FUEL have capabilities to make that possible.

FUEL a main character
During the pandemic, with the take-off of the OTT, the penetration work of FUEL continued. It is a digital streaming and monetization solution that allowed operators to gain huge viewing hours. He did it more than anyone, because it allows his viewers to be engaged with news content personalized for them. It was a winner of all the NAB awards in 2018 for a reason and the chance to create playlists in a dynamic way was very well received by all its clients, who were able to focus on creating their content so that their channels and streams strengthen themselves.

1000 customers around the world
It is also worth noting that Bitcentral, created in the early 2000s, in 20 years achieved more than 1000 clients around the world. Here Sam highlights that they have more than 400 large customers to whom their solutions have been sold directly but, in addition, there are others who receive them indirectly such as through a leading brand like CNN for a much wider distribution platform.
Regarding the relationship with large clients in general and Latin America in particular, Sam commented that it is very fluid and both enjoy a solid relationships.
In Latin America, they have seen that they are even more important and hope to continue supporting them even more in their efforts in the future, as there were new customer prospects generated directly in the pandemic. Thus, they are strengthening long-term alliances and the network of distributors, to whom they assign great importance throughout the world.

Message: Ready for remote workflows
Finally, he expressed that if NAB had taken place this April, his message would have been that they are fully ready for remote workflows. Their set of tools has been focused on efficient workflows for a long time and that has been paying good dividends to both.