Bitcentral unveils Fusion Gateway

Jun 26 2024

Published by Advanced Television here

Bitcentral, a provider of professional media solutions for broadcast and digital video, has announced the launch of Fusion Gateway, a best-in-class cloud offering that bridges the gap between media asset management (MAM) and artificial intelligence (AI) tools. Fusion Gateway enables Bitcentral customers to harness new opportunities for content discovery, automation, and increased efficiency and sets the table for more creativity.

As media libraries grow larger, managing them has become more complex, expensive and time-consuming. Media companies require solutions that can streamline MAM by automating repetitive tasks. Bitcentral has unveiled Fusion Gateway, a cloud-based solution that seamlessly integrates third-party AI tools with Bitcentral’s ecosystem. Fusion Gateway unlocks new possibilities for customers to improve speed and productivity; focusing on what they do best— rapidly creating, distributing, and monetising high-quality video.

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