Bitcentral’s ViewNexa integrates Google DAI to maximize ad revenue in streaming

Jul 18 2023

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NEWPORT BEACH, Calif, – Bitcentral Inc. the provider of award-winning efficient media workflows for broadcast and digital video, has integrated Google DAI into its ViewNexa linear streaming service to provide more monetization opportunities in linear and live streaming. The integration provides ViewNexa customers with access to Google’s advertising features that are specific to Google’s IMA DAI SDK.

All ViewNexa customers can now utilize Google’s IMA SDK, opening up access to additional Google features and advertisers. With streaming services facing increased competition and economic factors affecting audience demand for multiple paid subscriptions, streaming services are looking at broadening their options for generating revenue. It is essential to business success that they maximize the potential average revenue per user (ARPU) and offering hybrid subscription/advertising or free, ad-based viewing are becoming increasingly popular options. Through ViewNexa’s integration with Google DAI, customers can access new and untapped monetization opportunities to help drive their businesses forward.

The integration also helps streaming companies tap into one of the fastest-growing segments of digital advertising, Connected TV (CTV), which, according to dentsu, is forecast to see ad spending increase 14.7% year-on-year in the United States. Such growth is driven by viewers increasingly embracing ad-supported streaming subscriptions to access their favorite shows, growing nearly 25% year over year to 55.2 million in the first quarter of 2023, according to data firm Antenna.

Google DAI is a server-side dynamic ad insertion technology that enables a seamless, personalized ad experience at scale. It manages ad pod building, creative conditioning, and manifest manipulation. Google DAI stitches video content and ads into a single stream, removing the ad request and response process from the client-side SDK. As a result, it produces a high-quality TV-like experience without latency or buffering between content and ads. It is built directly into Google Ad Manager, which helps ViewNexa customers take advantage of advanced monetization software and machine learning to maximize their revenue across devices, for live and linear. With this integration, ViewNexa continues to provide their customers with even more options for monetization and ad insertion.

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