Cloud Editing Embraces More Flexibility, Efficiency

Jan 13 2023

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Several years after the pandemic pushed a wide embrace of cloud editing, the technology has made significant strides in speed and automation. Above, Avid’s Edit on Demand is a cloud-based premium editing and post-production solution that can be deployed and scaled on demand.

Nearly three years after broadcasters jumped into remote and cloud editing due to the COVID pandemic, the technologies have evolved to better support collaboration, speed and automation.

While the cloud enables speed and collaboration along with flexibility and redundancy, cloud operations can be costly. For instance, editing the high-resolution content the industry likes to work with on the cloud can be fairly expensive, so broadcasters may choose alternatives like working with lower-res proxies, hybrid workflows or remote editing.

Vendors are working to optimize the workflows and provide technologies that can further speed up content creation. The editing software and services are increasingly making available automation capabilities for tedious and time-consuming tasks.

… Bitcentral Chief Operating Officer Sam Peterson says he’s seen a trend toward having ubiquitous access to source content for collaborative editing. A couple of years ago, Bitcentral and Nexstar collaborated to complete re-write Bitcentral’s Create browser-based editor to provide that kind of capability. Create, initially, was designed to be used inside the station.

Bitcentral’s Create maximizes the value of media through enhanced editing capabilities and workflow efficiencies at faster speed through a simple and feature-rich user interface that is available anywhere.

It’s cloud-friendly. Anyone anywhere any time can access all the content they have access to,” he says. “We spent a lot of time and energy building that out.”

He also says broadcasters want technologies that help them do things more quickly.

One of the key factors 20 years ago and still today is ‘how fast can I turn this content, get that content distributed to a consumer?’” he says. “For us, the focus has been speed, and what does the cloud do for speed?” …

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