Industry Insights: Monetization strategies shaping the FAST platform landscape

Feb 26 2024

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In the conclusion of our Industry Insights roundtable on free ad-supported streaming television, the discussion delves into the intricacies of advertising trends, monetization models and the long-term viability of FAST platforms.

Experts across the broadcast sector weigh in on the shift towards streaming advertising models, the significance of ad personalization, and the innovative strategies enabling more effective viewer engagement. As the FAST landscape continues to mature, understanding these dynamics is crucial for stakeholders looking to navigate the complexities of digital broadcasting and advertising.

Key takeaways from the Industry Insights roundtable

  • Ad personalization and data-driven targeting are increasing, allowing more relevant, less disruptive ads on FAST platforms.
  • Partnerships with content creators and bundling with other services provide opportunities to harden ad rates and grow audiences.
  • Flexible monetization models like content syndication and ad revenue sharing help media companies capitalize on their libraries.
  • Maintaining engagement via personalized experiences and niche content is key to FAST’s viability alongside advertiser interest.
  • Evolution of platform-as-a-service models will likely broaden FAST services as premium content providers embrace it.

What monetization models are proving most successful for FAST platforms?

Greg Morrow, GM of ViewNexa, Bitcentral: As the market continues to converge, we will see more monetization opportunities. The media companies that can take advantage of flexible business models for FAST channels, such as content syndication, ad revenue, or inventory share, will be the most successful. To make these models possible, media companies need to integrate the right technology that will give them the capabilities and flexibility to utilize their content libraries in this way to fuel revenue streams that were previously out of their reach.

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