Industry Insights: Security and APIs in broadcast media asset management

Apr 06 2023

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The media landscape is constantly evolving, and with it, the need for effective media asset management (MAM) and storage solutions is growing increasingly crucial.

In this Industry Insights roundtable discussion, industry vendors have come together to address the most pressing concerns and trends in media asset management. Security concerns, APIs, cross-platform support and the future of storage are just a few of the topics hit on in part two of our roundtable discussion.

One significant concern that emerged from the discussion is the security of storage and MAM technology. Experts emphasize the importance of mitigating unauthorized access, content leaks, and ransomware attacks while maintaining a strong focus on cybersecurity hygiene. Solutions such as one-time access codes, signed URLs, well-architected cloud security methods, and robust disaster recovery plans are all suggested as ways to ensure content remains safe and accessible only to authorized parties.

The roundtable participants also weigh in on the role of APIs and cross-platform support as more broadcasters look at platform-agnostic solutions plus the potential of hybrid MAM technology, combining on-premises and cloud-based solutions to optimize content accessibility, scalability, and security.

What are the current security concerns with storage and MAM tech?
Julián Fernández-Campón, CTO, Tedial: Unauthorized access to storage and content leaking are very serious security concerns. MAM systems need to secure the access to the storage with one-time access codes, signed URLs, etc.

Geoff Stedman, CMO, SDVI: Security is always top-of-mind for our customers. All media companies want to protect their content as well as tightly control who has access to their content. Fortunately, there are well-architected methods for securing cloud-based content and workflows to ensure that work can be done by only those who are authorized.

Melanie Ciotti, marketing manager, Studio Network Solutions: Ransomware, leaked content, excessive downtime, data loss—cybersecurity threats can do a lot of damage in a very short period of time. It’s important to evaluate all of the systems within your workflow and consider recent data breaches and known vulnerabilities that could impact your content security.

Savva Mueller, director of business development, Telestream: Like other industries, media and entertainment organizations have been targeted by ransomware attacks. These attacks have crippled many of their critical systems, including MAM and storage. The result has been an increased focus on cybersecurity hygiene and better tools to track the fixity of data.

Aaron Kroger, product marketing manager for media workflows, Dalet: As people migrate their content to the cloud, security becomes a big concern. There are two main areas: the cloud provider and the access points. Even if you are comfortable with the cloud provider’s security, your MAM is a door into that data and must have its own protection to keep your data safe. At Dalet, we think the principle of zero trust is the best way forward.

Crystal Pham, VP, Trusted Partner Network: Centralized MAM and cloud storage solutions allow us to leverage content accessibility and storage scalability, but in our environment of universal sharing, collaborative tools, work from home, bring your own devices, and web-facing applications, our media industry is facing heightened security vulnerabilities. Mitigating content breaches mean having security protocols in place and following security and business disciplines to keep threats at bay. This includes implementing systems and best practices that help avoid potential threats and allow you to recover quickly from a content security attack, such as business continuity and disaster recovery plans, as well as Identity and Access Management (IAM) technologies and processes.

Sam Peterson, COO, Bitcentral: Security is a concern regardless of what MAM tech is integrated. The primary concern is content security, as there will always be the existential possibility of denial of service and other access concerns. However, the continued evolution of storage and MAM tech outweighs these unlikely challenges and adopting the right tech significantly mitigates them.

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