Bitcentral Introduces Scalable Solutions for Small Market Broadcast Stations

Sep 22 2010

New Systems Provide Independent Broadcasters with Options to Address the Needs of their Unique Markets

NEWPORT BEACH, CA – September 23, 2010 – Bitcentral, dedicated to providing the broadcast industry with affordable, reliable digital news delivery systems, is rolling out small market versions of its industry-leading Precis™ and Oasis™ workflow and content management solutions. The new systems are optimized to meet the needs of small market stations facing costly transitions of their news operations to file-based or HD content delivery. Bitcentral’s newest solutions allow stations and individual bureaus a way to modernize production systems using technology scaled to address their unique storage, redundancy, editing or pricing needs.

Now, budget-constrained stations in small markets can cost-effectively upgrade their newsrooms with Bitcentral’s powerful Precis and Oasis systems, backed by 24/7 Technical Support. The packages include software, hardware, installation, and training for ingest, encoding, editing, storage and playout of content.

“Bitcentral was originally founded on the idea of supporting the small independent stations that have become the vital information nexuses of their communities. We recognize they want their own tailored solutions, not ones created for much larger stations or groups. We understand their budget pressures and desire to serve their markets to the best of their financial and technical abilities. Our new configurations will provide them with the flexibility and pricing to migrate from a tape-based workflow to today’s digital formats,” said Fred Fourcher, CEO of Bitcentral.

The small market solutions integrate Precis, Bitcentral’s industry-leading workflow solution, and Oasis, its top-shelf storage and sharing solution. The systems are available in several configurations, providing options for newsrooms of all sizes from remote bureaus to mid-sized markets on a budget. Bitcentral customizes the configuration based on each station’s unique needs and priorities.

Bitcentral’s solutions are non-proprietary, so they work with everything from legacy hardware to the latest HD cameras, without the need for transcoding. Metadata is automatically applied by Oasis as a part of an efficient, field-centric workflow. Oasis users have full rights management capabilities for sharing within or beyond the station or ownership group. This reduces production costs, which can be critical for small stations. Together, Precis and Oasis maximize the newscast impact and value of each station’s media assets.