John King Presents at SMTPE 2011

Oct 13 2011

NEWPORT BEACH, CA – Nov 2011 – Bitcentral, dedicated to transforming the way TV news is gathered and shared, announced today that Mr John King presented File Based Workflows: Managing the Unmanageable at the SMPTE Conference, October 2011

Abstract: One of the largest obstacles in migrating a facility to an all file-based workflow is understanding the nature of all of the various content sources and how they will be ingested, edited and managed throughout the workflow. Facilities must take into account wide variations in the formats of file-based sources available from field cameras, national news providers and web-based sources as well as archives. In addition to the file-based sources there will always be real time content from microwave, satellite and tape-based archive material that must be encoded and placed into the workflow. In the past these various formats and real time sources were normalized by a check-in, dub-in or transcode process that added time to the process. With the advancement and adoption of standards-based content types, along with increased capabilities of commercially available non-linear editors, there are new and more efficient ways of addressing the challenges.