NAB 2012 is Bitcentral’s Best-ever with 50% increase in Booth Traffic

Apr 30 2012

NEWPORT BEACH, CA – March 20, 2012 – Bitcentral, announced today they had their best-ever NAB with a 50% increase in Booth Traffic. Highlights included:

  • Create, the browser product was a big hit. Our demonstrations were packed and attendees were waiting in line to see what it was all about.
  • MediaNow – we announced its launch and secured its first orders. Medianow is the redirection tool allowing journalists to discover & share more stories from in or outside their facilities.
  • Eagleye Proactive Monitoring – we announced its launch and will roll it out to all of our sites over the next few months. Eagle eye monitors customers servers, identifies any issues and alerts the Support team so they can proactively fix it.
  • Wellspring – we announced a new solution for deep archiving, backup and disaster recovery as an extension for our Oasis cloud based archive and share product.
  • Bitsocial – we unveiled our Community Portal and immediately it was a hit with customers as they recognized the value added service that a community portal for shared solutions can provide their teams

Alex Keighley, VP Sales said of NAB 2012 “we are delighted the way that NAB 2012 has gone for us, we discovered new markets this year as our product offering has broadened. Create has a big potential for us with an appeal across a broad market from Broadcaters to the Military to Reality TV. The general response tells us that this product is what has been missing in video workflows until now. Effortless video workflows are now a reality”.