Rebuilding Robust Workflow In Cloud Key Theme At NAB

Apr 20 2022

Published on The Broadcast Bridge here.

A strong focus on end-to-end workflow is evident at NAB 2022 as service providers and broadcasters face migration towards software defined methods that will accelerate pace of innovation but demand new skills and testing capabilities.

Bitcentral, a California based vendor of playout and MAM technology, is also showing media workflow products at NAB 2022, with an emphasis on ability to serve diverse endpoints and to support the three principal monetization models for streaming, that is Advertising VOD, Subscription VOD and Transactional VOD, the latter being essentially pay per view. “We are looking forward to showcasing our full range of media workflow solutions, particularly our combined FUEL and streaming platform,” said Sam Peterson, COO, Bitcentral. “This will be the first public demo following our acquisition of earlier this year. The platform enables a ‘manage once, distribute many’ approach via a modular and flexible system that distributes content via multiple endpoints, including online, via mobile and Connected TV (CTV). It means operators are able to syndicate to hundreds of FAST (Free Ad Supported TV) channels and aggregators from premium partners.”

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