Saltbox TV selects Bitcentral – Advanced Television

Aug 16 2022

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Bitcentral, an efficient media workflows for broadcast and digital video, has partnered with Saltbox TV, a content studio and online platform dedicated to older adults, to expand Saltbox TV’s audience reach and enable monetization through programmatic advertising.

The partnership sees Saltbox TV use Bitcentral’s recently acquired platform to distribute its content to many kinds of services and devices, such as Smart TVs (including unique devices and set-top boxes with robust accessibility features), Amazon Fire TV, and Roku, as well as lifestyle services that are frequented by Saltbox TV’s niche audience, including the LG Independa health hub, iN2L, and Sirona TV. Bitcentral provides a rich user experience that is intuitive to use and supports important accessibility features such as increased font size and a brightly colored interface.


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