The US Department of Veteran Affairs Expands Operations with New Capabilities from Bitcentral’s Central Control Version 8

Jun 05 2023

Bitcentral’s ongoing relationship with the US Department of Veteran Affairs continues to flourish with an upgrade to Central Control Version 8, delivering new capabilities from the most advanced automation software available.

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif, June 5, 2023Bitcentral, the award-winning provider of efficient media workflows for broadcast and digital video, has extended its relationship with the US Department of Veteran Affairs’ Institute for Learning, Education, and Development (ILEAD), with an upgrade to Central Control Version 8. Version 8’s expanded capabilities have aided ILEAD in expanding its operations while optimizing resources and achieving cost savings.

ILEAD began its relationship with Bitcentral in 2021 with the purchase of the integrated playout master control solution, Central Control. ILEAD continues to rely on Central Control as it progresses on its growth path with its recent system expansion and upgrade to Version 8. Version 8 offers a wide range of advanced features, including:

  • Highly automated ingest routines that allow for quick processing of media files, streamlined verification, and validation processes to ensure content is ready for playout with minimal manual intervention
  • Industry-leading reporting capabilities, allowing users to access detailed analytics on their operations and make informed decisions
  • On-board SCTE processing, Graphic and text overlays and 2D digital video effects (DVE)
  • Intelligent media management to ensure that content is efficiently organized and easily accessible

ILEAD had a unique requirement of maintaining a growing library of programs, which necessitated duplicated and synchronized media libraries and database instances. Central Control was able to provide a tailored solution that addressed these needs. By creating synchronized media libraries across separate media servers, all content was made available at all times while backup channels provided additional redundancy to minimize the risk of any downtime. With Central Control’s reliable architecture and flexibility, ILEAD can maintain its ever-growing library and deliver programming with confidence.

Bob Sparkman, Associate Director for Broadcast and Video Production said: “We are delighted to continue our growth with Bitcentral’s Central Control Version 8. Our team has continually benefited from its easy-to-use interface and smooth workflow. The new features of Version 8 have made an impactful difference in our production capacity. We are now able to deliver more content without expending more time on production.”

Central Control Version 8 uses a modular set-up, where integrated components for playout, asset management, storage, and ingest, it can easily be scaled to meet different customer needs. This built-in flexibility, combined with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, has empowered the ILEAD Production and Delivery team with the best master control automation and playout tools on the market.

Central Control Version 8 enables ILEAD’s services to run in a completely redundant environment, fully redundant application, and playout instances to provide a robust system that can deliver content reliably without disruption. Central Control Version 8, allows ILEAD to provide exceptional video products and streaming services to VA employees and the Veterans they serve.

Sam Peterson, Bitcentral COO, said: “Central Control Version 8 offers a complete solution for media companies looking to grow their operations in an incredibly efficient way. Bitcentral customers, such as ILEAD, now have the capacity for additional channels that they wouldn’t otherwise have, and they have the assurance of a backup for the main channels – adding a layer of stability that empowers organizations to drive expansion while maintaining their baseline costs of production”.


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