Vendors Eager For ‘Reimagined’ NAB Show

Apr 18 2022

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With attendance predicted at around 60,000 with nearly 1,000 vendors, the NAB Show in Las Vegas next week will likely be down from its pre-pandemic numbers. However, vendors say that a more focused, less congested show might not be a bad thing.

Smaller, But More Serious Crowds

Bitcentral CEO Steve Petilli says he was a bit concerned about attendance on Sunday, which is shaping up as a travel day for some customers. But Petilli has been able to secure appointments throughout the show with all of Bitcentral’s key customers, and he says that a smaller, less congested NAB might not be a bad thing.

Steve Petilli

“That’s one of the things that we’re hoping, is that it’s not as frenetic,” Petilli says. “I think it’s much more useful as a show if we don’t have crowds of people in the booth who are elbowing each other, and not enough meeting rooms to really sit down and have time with the customers. I think the people who really need to talk to us and are serious are going to be showing up, and we’re going to get a lot less looky-loos.”

About a month ago, Sony was predicting much lighter attendance for NAB ’22 than past shows but has seen booth appointments pick up in the last couple weeks, says John Studdert, VP of media solutions for Sony Electronics. Studdert says that most station groups were “going in full force” while attendance from networks was more mixed, which could be attributed to reorganizations like the one occurring at Warner Bros. Discovery as well as a shift in focus to new streaming efforts.

“There’s a lot of transformation taking place,” he says.

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