ViewNexa adds Samsung TV Plus

Jul 09 2024

Published by Advanced Television here

Bitcentral, a provider of professional media solutions for broadcast and digital video, has announced that its ViewNexa streaming platform is now available on Samsung TV Plus, the connected TV service owned by Samsung Electronics. With Samsung TV Plus enjoying a 60 per cent year-over-year increase in worldwide viewership, the platform allows ViewNexa customers to provide live and advertising supported video-on-demand VOD content to millions of Samsung television users without requiring costly subscriptions or external devices.

As part of the Samsung TV Plus ecosystem, ViewNexa customers can now have their content reach millions of additional viewers around the world. ViewNexa customers are on Samsung TV Plus in North America and Europe.

This expansion of ViewNexa’s capabilities helps customers get into the FAST lane (free ad-supported streaming television), with a streaming platform now distributed to over 135 FAST channels. ViewNexa ensures a seamless viewing experience enhanced by intelligent dynamic categorisation and playlisting features to automate content organisation and channel creation and improve viewer engagement.


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