Why hybrid business models are essential for successful OTT services

Jun 20 2022

We’ve sponsored the new whitepaper from nScreen Media which shines a spotlight on the owned-and-operated (O&O) OTT landscape, and its growth potential when audiences become increasingly fragmented.

The paper highlights how the North American Internet TV market is booming – revenue is expected to surge 60% over the next five years, reaching $94 billion in 2026. Several factors are at play contributing to this. Ad-supported services will see a lot of growth, SVOD will generate the most revenue, and rental and electronic sell-through will make meaningful contributions in what is expected to be an exciting time for the industry, especially those services that can diversify their approach and tap into multiple revenue sources.

Through multi-distribution strategies, media companies can unlock new options for revenue generation. The most significant opportunities for growth today are:

  • Differentiated service tiers for customers on their willingness and ability to pay.
  • Diversified portfolio to become more attractive to AVOD platforms.
  • Free ad-supported TV (FAST) channels on leading platforms to unlock revenue streams in the fastest-growing segment in the market.
  • Leveraging pay-per-view and video sales to maximize the potential of high-value content.
  • Using social media to generate buzz for specific content through clips, trailers, and teasers.

A small cable TV provider that switches to streaming delivery using a hybrid business model and multi-partner distribution can earn significantly more revenue than it currently does via traditional pay-TV. A multi-distribution strategy is essential for across the chain in this rapidly evolving landscape. Executing such a strategy can drive your company forward, paving the way for growth and profitability in the months and years ahead.

Bitcentral is committed to helping its customers navigate the changes in the industry and make the most of the new opportunities to engage audiences in new ways. Read more about taking a hybrid approach here: Download the white paper here

If you would like to connect with us to discuss further, or how your company can integrate hybrid business models into your business strategy, please contact us at: sales@bitcentral.com