Why Publishers Need A Hybrid Approach To CTV Monetization

Jan 10 2023

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By AdExchanger Guest Columnist. Tuesday, January 10th, 2023

“On TV and Video” is a column exploring opportunities and challenges in advanced TV and video. Today’s column is by Greg Morrow, general manager, streaming media group at Bitcentral.

We all know about the value of CTV. But there is rarely any conversation about the spread of audiences and how to reach them.

CTV tends to be discussed as an extension of traditional TV, where mass reach and brand safety are enhanced by the benefits of targeting, programmatic and accurate measurement.

But publishers should also consider the different strategies in which content can be presented and monetized on CTV, such as subscription VOD (SVOD), ad-based VOD (AVOD) and free ad-supported TV (FAST).

Read the full article Why Publishers Need A Hybrid Approach To CTV Monetization here: adexchanger.com/Bitcentral

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