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We offer on-premise or cloud-based playout solutions that incorporate intelligent workflows.

Central Control

Central Control has all the features you need in a broadcast playout system. Our comprehensive and fully integrated master control and automation software executes all processes that converge into playout. Central Control delivers full linear channels including traffic integration, media asset or storage management, offline playlist scheduling, program cataloging, media editing and versioning, system monitoring and reporting, syndicated content processing, and automated feed recording. Operate more channels, more efficiently.

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Nimbus is a professional, self-service, cloud playout solution for broadcasters and broadcast service providers. It includes a complete linear broadcast channel and playout workflow – media file ingest, MAM, scheduling, and playout. Nimbus provides the ability to manage multiple channels. It can be used for 24/7 long-term channels, pop-up channels, or disaster recovery. Nimbus was designed and developed from the ground up for cloud use and all of its elements are truly and fully virtualized.

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