Product Description

Central Control’s modular and integrated system provides all the features you want combined with a more efficient workflow.

Our comprehensive and fully integrated master control and automation software provides a modular design toolset that executes all processes that converge into playout – streamlining operators’ efforts without compromising ease of use. Central Control delivers full linear channels including traffic integration, media asset or storage management, offline playlist scheduling, program cataloging, media editing/versioning, system monitoring and reporting, syndicated content processing and automated feed recording.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Tools
    Flexible toolset for master control operations
  • Deliver
    Ingest Module featuring baseband and file-based ingest tools including versioning and media transfer
  • Fast Storage
    Media Asset Management Module featuring integration with traffic systems, storage management, and media synchronization
  • Multiple Devices
    Playout Module featuring content playout, transition control and channel branding