Media Encoders Screens

Product Description

The Bitcentral ME/EME media encoding products are designed for fast paced acquisition of multiple video sources simultaneously and in a 24/7 environment.

Each 1 to 4 channel encoders can auto select router ports and auto detect video resolutions from virtually any live video feed within the Station’s plant.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Quad Split

    Browser based quad-split video/audio confidence monitoring for multiple viewers.

  • Router

    Built-In router control for crash, manual or scheduled recordings all completely independent of one another.

  • SDI Input

    Auto detect of SDI input video resolution with automatic matching encoding format recording.

  • Continuous Recording

    Continuous recording feature for infinite recording ability and re-mapping to alternative HD storage.

  • Frame

    Auto and manual split of recordings that is user configurable and frame accurate.

  • Support Staff

    24/7 Bitcentral Support staff.

  • Scheduled Recordings

    Web based scheduled recordings application with management of all ME/EME’s within the Station.

  • Genlock Input

    External Genlock reference input.

  • Closed Caption

    Closed Caption pass-thru ability for all recordings.

  • Audio Input

    Baseband or AES/EBU audio inputs, up to 4 channels.

  • Servers

    Industry standard server hardware based on HP DL-380 Gen-10 server.