Product Description

Designed as an Oasis MAM upgrade module, the MultiPath video digital distribution system integrates with Bitcentral’s full suite of news production tools to continue growing beyond traditional broadcasting platforms.

Everything is brought together in one module that provides a full view of the complete media publishing process.  Once a publishing event has been created, a structured and intuitive interface guides the user in selecting and managing multiple publishing output events, targeting OVP’s, CMS and social media accounts.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Play Video

    Enhanced Video Player that supports closed captioning across all publishing points.

  • Output

    Unified Publishing Output Panel that manages multiple social media accounts to support stations, programs and individual journalists.

  • Authorize

    Authorization System that supports publishing authorization with audit trail tracking.

  • Integrated

    Integrated Authoring Pane that consolidates views of the content across all select digital platforms.

Digital-First with MultiPath