9x increase in ad impressions.
Stations get new digital revenue.
Viewers get a high-quality TV-like experience.


Hear from our very own founder and CEO, Fred Fourcher, how easy it is to implement Non-Stop News into your workflow.


Non-Stop Live™ is Bitcentral’s newest addition to its industry-changing digital streaming solution. Designed as a FUEL® extension, this module empowers news stations with the ability to seamlessly stream live newscasts automatically replacing the on-air ads with digital ads, records, and replays the most recent newscast until the next live newscast is available. Viewers start from the top of the newscast, eliminating appointment viewing for the latest news.

Non-Stop Live, effectively re-inserts digital ads in live programming for a huge lift in the total ad impressions delivered to online audiences through OTT, web, and apps, creating new digital revenue streams.

Viewers get a high-quality TV-like viewing experience on any platform wherever and whenever they want to watch. Non-Stop Live, runs automatically with no ongoing labor to manage the stream that is now being effectively monetized.

Key Benefits

  • Multiple Devices

    Viewers get a TV-like experience. Stations get new digital revenue from existing content.

  • Integrated

    Completely automated, with no on-going labor to manage the stream.

  • Tutorials

    Easy one time set up.

  • Viewers start from the top of the newscast, eliminating appointment viewing for the latest news.

  • Edit

    Replace on-air-ads with targeted digital ads through dynamic server-side ad insertion.

  • Continuous Recording

    Allows for breaking news interruptions.