Product Description

Computer components can fail at any time, with or without warning. Being able to see trouble areas before they impact production is crucial to keep your systems operating smoothly.

With Eagleye Proactive Monitoring periodic checks are made on critical components of your system and reported directly to our Support team in Newport Beach, California. If any potential problems are found, we contact you to schedule a time to address the issue before it becomes a real problem.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Install

    Light-weight client install run locally on your server only at scheduled times so as to not interfere with your productions schedules.

  • Periodic

    Periodic checks throughout the day and night make sure we stay on top of issues as they occur.

  • Alerts

    Email alerts and an interactive website keeps our team alerted to problems where and when they happen.

  • No complicated network requirements. If monitored servers can copy a file to a designated upload server with outbound internet access, Eagleye will work.