Fully integrated playout solutions

Supporting the most demanding broadcast necessities in a unified expandable environment, our Central Control™ Playout Module features a deep set of versatile tools and the ability to adapt on the fly to last-minute changes. Eliminate transcoding needs with direct back-to-back playback of mixed elements with different frame rates, CODECs and wrappers. Scale automatically in SD/HD. Insert still and animated graphics, cue-tones, real time transition effects and text with the built-in engine.

Perfect balance between
flexibility and efficiency

The Central Control Ingest Module makes it easier than ever to ingest and prep video programming for broadcast. Able to handle up to four HD video sources simultaneously and integrate with the most common program and ad delivery services. Ingest Module supports router control and manages all live feed recording with flexible scheduling tools. Show segments and breaks can be trimmed and in/out points quickly with the built-in editor and marked for instant replay, time-shifting, or delaying.

Interface with Traffic
and Business Systems

Central Control Management Module serves as the much-needed interface between modern traffic/BPM systems and playout automation. Playlists can be manually built or automated from two-way traffic system interaction. Media is neatly categorized and discoverable, with all media types supported (video, graphics, audio). Robust and flexible, template-driven tools allow an endless array of automation workflows. Central Control Management is a powerful engine driving the complete end-to-end platform.

linear TV

Television is changing, audience is changing and advertising is changing too. Trespass the boundaries between traditional linear TV and streaming on demand platforms. Central Control OTT platform features insertion of replacement ads (sold through local sales / Traffic), graphic overlay ads and Live pass-through for 24/7 newscast broadcasts and replayed stories from recent news shows. Bitcentral also performs system integration with third party technologies (H.264 encoding and delivery) for an end to end solution offering.

Remote workflow features

Our multi-channel Control Panel provides broadcasters with the ability of managing remote processes from a central ops center. The system also lets local operations remain in control of their branding and ad insertion/live events. All transactions may be monitored by the Hub Monitoring Panel in real time. Station wide content is processed at the central ops center and sent out to all remote stations, thereby eliminating duplication of effort and increasing operational efficiencies.

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