Mar 05 2021

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Bitcentral is showcasing its latest versions of Central Control, its comprehensive and fully integrated master control and automation software, and its browser-based Create editor.

The new features built into Central Control and Create provide greater efficiencies and usability for thousands of production teams. Both products are essential tools in Bitcentral’s Core Business Unit portfolio, which supports more than 1,000 media operations through industry-leading technology and support. The recent updates to Central Control and Create further assert Bitcentral’s position as a respected partner in the broadcast industry for more than 20 years.

Central Control version 8 introduces innovative workflows and revised architecture, allowing master control operators to streamline daily activities in line with evolving industry preferences. The significant updates to Central Control make it possible to transmit more channels with fewer operators while easing management of video inventories, keeping pace with operational demands today.

“Central Control has an outstanding track record of providing our customers with all the essential tools they need in one powerful solution,” says Fred Fourcher, Founder and CEO of Bitcentral. “We know through our customers and prospects that market conditions are continuing to change, and we wanted to update our system to reflect those requirements and raise the bar in terms of ease of use and reliability. Facility operators will see we have concentrated updates to version 8 to address those areas, leading to a better overall experience no matter the size and scope of their operations.”

The latest release of Central Control features valuable functionality to address the needs of operators today, including highly automated, ingest routines, with streamlined verification, validation, and optional transcoding for every new asset; simple, visual tools for asset registration and trimming; schedule validation and editing; and revised storage for more efficient organization. Industry-leading expansive reporting options have been added to support systems operations management, flagging missing or “not ready” materials with whole system or channel-by-channel management; and simplified playback operator interface. Additionally, Version 8 offers ingest and playout on solid-state disk drives and lower requirements for main storage. Visit for more information about Central Control and to schedule a demo.

The latest version of Create has similarly been updated to provide better performance and usability. This integrated browser-based proxy editor enables collaboration, logging, editing and publishing of video to OTT, social media, and newsroom NRCS MOS integrated systems, and has been updated to better serve the needs of today’s short form, fast-moving news creating environments, especially when operations are remote or based outside of a traditional station location.

“Create has always been an intuitive tool, allowing teams to move swiftly and meet the demands of the always-on news environment of today,” says Sam Peterson, General Manager of Bitcentral’s Core Business Unit. “Our latest updates were made with our customers’ needs in mind, allowing them to move even quicker no matter where they are while still encouraging the collaborative setting that has made news operations thrive.”

Key product features of Create include instant access to live recording files and other file-based content and support the intelligent ingest of camera files. Additionally, Create has a number of tools to further streamline processes, including a clip previewing sequencing tool for easily navigating within a library or media bin, and built-in logging tools. Create ingests raw media in its native formats, live feeds, file-based sources, or recordings from cameras, including content created by the general public on video cameras or smartphones. Users of Create also benefit from closed caption editing and digital OVP publishing with story metadata and sidecar-timed text files. More about Create is available at

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