Mar 08 2021

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Central Control updates enable more channels to be broadcast with fewer operators

Bitcentral revealed the enhancement of the Central Control integrated automation and master control software and the browser-based Create editor, with new features that offer users greater efficiency and usability. Version 8 of Central Control offers new workflows and a revised architecture to streamline the daily activities of master control operators. The updates make it possible to stream more channels with fewer operators, while making it easier to manage video stocks, the company said.

“Central Control has an excellent track record of providing our customers with all the essential tools they need in a powerful solution,” said Fred Fourcher, founder and CEO of Bitcentral. “We know from our customers that market conditions are constantly changing, and we wanted to update our system to reflect these requirements and raise the bar in terms of ease of use and reliability. Facility operators will see that we have focused updates to version 8 to address these areas, leading to a better overall experience, regardless of the size and scope of their operations, ”he added.

The latest version of Create, a proxy editor based on an integrated browser, allows collaboration, registration, editing, and publishing of video on OTT, social media, and NRCS MOS integrated systems. The version meets the needs of today’s fast-paced, short-form news creation environments, the company said. “Create has always been an intuitive tool, allowing teams to move quickly and meet the demands of today’s ever-active news environment,” said Sam Peterson, general manager of Bitcentral’s Core Business Unit. “Our most recent updates were made with the needs of our customers in mind, allowing them to move even faster, no matter where they were while encouraging the collaborative environment that made news operations thrive,” he concluded.