Bitcentral Survey Reveals Dissatisfaction Among Streaming Customers

Oct 24 2023

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Media workflow specialist Bitcentral launched an industry-wide survey that aims to spotlight the opportunities in today’s streaming landscape.

The survey, which is by Bitcentral’s ViewNexa, has found that almost half (46%) of viewers do not believe they are getting good value from major streaming services, with nearly a fifth (19%) saying they could do better.

Bitcentral has launched a survey to highlight opportunities in streaming landscape

Despite the huge investments in content production, the survey found that viewers are becoming increasingly unsettled with the amount of time they spend looking for content or the lack of content to satisfy individual tastes. Bitcentral’s research takes the pulse of streaming audiences in the United States to uncover where the gaps are in the market and what strategies content owners and media organizations should employ to make the most of them.

Greg Morrow, GM, Streaming Media Group at Bitcentral, said: “Despite what may seem a crowded marketplace, there is ample opportunity for companies with high-quality content to succeed in the direct-to-consumer streaming market. A lot of the industry conversation is dominated by big streaming services that cater to a mass market, but there are whole swathes of viewers who are more than open to change if the content and price point are right. There is a fantastic opportunity to increase ARPU if providers cater better to the nuances among their audience.”

How to follow the audience: the challenges and opportunities in the streaming market today is available to download here

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