NAB Show Preview: Beyond the buzzwords, other trends to focus on

Apr 09 2024

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While obvious themes like FAST and AI are expected to dominate the conversation, several other trends and technologies are poised to be key priorities at the 2024 NAB Show.

As broadcasters and media companies navigate the rapidly evolving landscape, they explore innovative solutions to streamline operations, enhance content security and deliver immersive experiences to audiences.


Cloud archiving and content security take center stage

Sam Peterson, COO of Bitcentral, emphasizes the importance of cloud archiving in driving business operation efficiencies and unlocking new revenue growth opportunities.

Cloud archiving plays a huge role in driving business operation efficiencies and unlocking new avenues for revenue growth, making it one of the most exciting, versatile and budget-friendly investments,” said Peterson.

In addition to cloud archiving, content security is a growing concern for organizations in a data-heavy world.

Organizations are looking at ways to make more conscious decisions that mitigate content security risks in a data-heavy world. Bitcentral will be at the forefront of these conversations, educating attendees on the ever-changing nature of vulnerabilities, evolving security measures and adopting best practices,” added Peterson.

Remote production and the cloud are at the heart of shaping cleaner workflows and producing high-quality content. Although there is a preconception among M&E companies that the cloud can be viewed simply as a convenient storage hub, its potential goes far beyond that, playing a key part in actively generating revenue and driving business operations.

Changing that mindset has been an important step,” said Peterson, addressing the challenges media companies face in integrating cloud technology within their current strategies.

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