NAB Show Preview: Broadcast workflows evolving to meet the moment, add efficiency

Apr 09 2024

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As the media industry converges on Las Vegas for the annual NAB Show, a central theme is emerging among vendors and attendees alike: the need for increased efficiency and optimization across broadcast workflows.

With the proliferation of platforms, formats and distribution channels, media organizations face unprecedented challenges in managing content creation, delivery and monetization.


Unlocking the value of content

In addition to the shift towards IP and cloud-based workflows, media organizations are also focusing on maximizing the value of their content through more efficient storage, management and distribution strategies. Cloud archiving, in particular, is emerging as a key driver of business efficiency and revenue growth.

Cloud archiving plays a huge role in driving business operation efficiencies and unlocking new avenues for revenue growth, making it one of the most exciting, versatile and budget-friendly investments,” said Sam Peterson, COO of Bitcentral.

Content security is also a growing concern as organizations grapple with the challenges of protecting valuable assets in an increasingly data-heavy world.

Organizations are looking at ways to make more conscious decisions that mitigate content security risks in a data-heavy world,” Peterson added. “Bitcentral will be at the forefront of these conversations, educating attendees on the ever-changing nature of vulnerabilities, evolving security measures and adopting best practices.”

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