NAB Show Preview: Remote production increasing with rise in streamers, content demand

Apr 08 2024

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As the media industry evolves, remote production remains a key theme of the NAB Show as broadcasters look for new, more efficient ways to operate.

Broadcasters increasingly turn to remote production solutions to deliver high-quality content while minimizing costs and environmental impact.

As remote production (REMI) continues to gain traction, NAB Show attendees can expect to see a wide range of innovative solutions designed to make the process easier, more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Leveraging the cloud for neater workflows and revenue generation

The cloud plays a crucial role in shaping cleaner workflows and producing high-quality content for remote production.

“There is a preconception among M&E companies that the cloud can be viewed simply as a convenient storage hub, but its potential goes far beyond that, playing a key part in actively generating revenue and driving business operations,” said Sam Peterson, COO of BitCentral. “Although it may seem challenging, the right tech stack will provide the launchpad for exciting opportunities and organizations are keen to better understand how they can integrate this within their current strategies.”


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