Vendor Predictions for 2024: AI, CTV, FAST and Niche Sports

Jan 02 2024

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It’s no surprise that uses of AI are top of the agenda for media organizations in the next 12 months but so too is a drive to enhanced monetization over Connected TV, mining niche sports, warnings of job ‘replacements’ and, notably, fewer calls for sustainability.

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Here is a selection of vendor responses for what to look for in 2024.

FAST aggregates and goes niche
Greg Morrow, GM, Streaming Media Group, Bitcentral

FAST is poised for growth, driven by content aggregators. Notably, FAST Channel Content Aggregators, particularly in news, act as expert curators, unifying diverse content. This fosters a viewer community, encouraging collaboration and deepening engagement in current events. The approach enhances creators’ reach through cross-promotion which benefits viewers, creators, and advertisers alike.

Niche sports is another market segment for FAST channels responding to the rising demand for diverse content. Alongside traditional sports networks, FAST channels feature unconventional sports like cornhole, pickleball, and billiards. They cater to enthusiasts seeking niche coverage often unavailable through traditional methods.

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