Spotlight on Core News

The #1 news production platform in the US delivers the perfect blend of field-centric workflows, deep functionality across your entire group and rock-solid reliability.

● Capture + Encoding ● Collaboration ● Asset Management ● Editing ● Playout ● Publishing ● Archive

ENPS/iNews Integration

Integrates with Your NRCS

Core News makes it easy to share content across revenue-generating platforms, driving critical production processes from within your existing NRCS. No multiple log-ins required.

Unified Design

The Best Workflow, Hands Down.

Core News features single sign-on with a simple interface for a unified, story-based workflow including video capture & encoding, editing, playout, publishing and archiving.

Field-Based Workflows

Keeps Your Journalists Where the News Is.

Empower every person at every step of the workflow to immediately access all station or group-wide raw, work-in-progress and finished assets from anywhere with a WiFi connection. 

Group-Wide Collaboration

Work With Anyone, Anywhere

Core News works from anywhere across the globe, allowing your entire team to manage content across all group or group-affiliate stations, all day every day.

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