Share and repurpose stories from anywhere with anyone.

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Content At Everyone's Fingertips

Pull video to and from Oasis to finish a package.

Feed video without satellite or microwave trucks.

Upload stories ready for air, fast.

Quickly find archive video.

Discover valuable stories from other facilities and partners.

Search and retrieve stories from your affiliate news service.

Create a virtual national newsroom.

Share stories between stations.

Repurpose content from other stations.

Aggregate content and distribute to domestic and international affiliates via internet or satellite based delivery.

Remote Contribution and Pull

With a smart device or a laptop and an NLE, crews can stay in the field exchanging video to and from the station. Users can mark in/out points and send only the desired portion of the clip 2-3 times faster than FTP, saving time and money.

Search and Retrieve Files with Ease

Oasis is a cloud based share & archive solution flexible enough to fit every network architecture. Searching and retrieval is easy using video and metadata (scripts, slugs, notes, etc).

Use Private Or Public Networks

Oasis integrates with existing news production systems and empowers everyone everywhere to access, share and move stories over existing bandwidth without traditional time-consuming and expensive linear feeds.

Featuring Wellspring™ Archive, Back-Up And Disaster Recovery

There is nothing more valuable than your content- Wellspring will make sure it’s 100% available today, tomorrow and forever.  Wellspring combines high speed network attached storage with automatic data replication to your on- or off-site digital vault. New files are automatically recognized upon arrival, replicated and synchronized to the digital vault for fail-safe protection and preservation. Peace of mind has never been so easy.

Wellspring Vault Archiving

  • Up to 2.5 Petabytes Storage Capacity
  • Automatic Data Replication
  • Media Pooling and Duplication
  • High Speed Local NAS Storage
  • Open Recording Formats
  • Secure Web Vault Access

Wellspring Cloud Archiving

  • Ultimate Storage Capacity
  • Automatic Vault Synchronization
  • Integrated Archive Software
  • High Speed Local NAS Storage
  • Secure 256bit AES Encryption
  • Secure Web Vault Access

Wellspring FAQ

What is Wellspring?

Wellspring provides additional storage, content migration and backup options for Oasis customers over and above spinning disk.

What are the storage options with Wellspring?

  • On-premise LTO tape or Blu-ray library.
  • Cloud Storage of archived content.

Why Buy Wellspring?

  • Less expensive to own and operate over time than spinning disk arrays.
  • Higher reliability.
  • Provides for migration, backup and dual copy functionality of content for disaster recovery.

I would like to bring my archive in house, what do I do?

You need to purchase a new archive for your facility and we will ship you your content. We will import the media into your library and bring it online. Additional Fees may apply:

  • Shipping charges
  • Onsite installation and commissioning

I would like to move an on premises archive to the cloud, what are my options?

You simply export all of your media out of your library, ship them to us and we will import them into your new remote vault.

I have an on premises archive now, can I migrate the archives to the new system?

Yes, but additional fees will apply. Other considerations:

  • Additional Rack Space
  • Power
  • Electrical
  • Hardware support
  • Metadata Format
  • Media Format

Where is your data center and is it secure?

Our cloud archive data center is located in Denver, CO. Denver is a main internet connection hub for more than 20 major Telco’s and is centrally located in the U.S. for balanced internet transmissions.

Yes our data center is secure, our systems reside in a SSAE 16 Soc 1 certified data center.

  • 24-hour, on-site security officers, mantraps, biometrics and key-card access controls, 24-hour CCTV and OSC monitoring
  • User-defined access lists, secure parking areas, locking cages and cabinets

Is my data private or intermixed with other clients?

Your data is completely private in your own tape vault

How long will it take to retrieve an item from the cloud?

Total retrieve times are based on the length and bit rate of the content along with the bandwidth connection to the cloud; however, the system will locate, load and begin transfer of a requested item in about 70-90-seconds.

I have quite a bit of data, how do I get it to your data center?

  • Internet data transfer
  • Bulk Upload Service

Describe your Bulk Upload Service.

The Bulk Upload Service is the physical shipment of your material to our data center for high speed data transfer on our local network.

Can I grow my vault size?

Of course. Our minimum vault upgrade is 10TB’s.

How much bandwidth do I need?

After the majority of material has been moved to your vault you will need enough bandwidth to handle the new material you generate on a daily basis in a 24-hour period.

What other features come with your cloud service?

  • Dual copies of all content
  • Offsite storage of second copies

I have had a catastrophic event at my station, what do I do?

In an emergency, you can access your content via the internet and begin emergency downloading. If your local cache server has been destroyed, you purchase a new cache server and we will restore all the data links to your remote vault.

What type of libraries do you use?

  • RLS-8350
  • RLS-8500
  • We have also qualified Spectra Logic, and Overland Data for LTO tape based solutions
  • We also support Blu-ray optical from DISC

What type of tape drives do you support?

  • HP
  • IBM

Are your tape libraries rack mountable?

The RLS libraries from Qualstar are 100% rack mountable and can scale up to 1.4 Petabytes of capacity

What brand of tape media is preferred or certified?

  • Fuji

How much data can you store per tape?

We are currently shipping LTO-5 version of tape drives and media. Each tape can store 1.5TB of material in native format. LTO-6 will soon be available and we will be qualifying this technology shortly. The native capacity of LTO-6 is expected to be 2.5TB per cartridge.

What interfaces are available on your libraries?

Either SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) or Fibre Channel.

What capacities are available?

Our on premises archives begin at 35TB’s and can exceed multiple petabytes of capacity.

Do you support LTFS and why is it important?

Yes we support LTFS, which stands for “Linear Tape File System.” This new tape file system was developed by IBM and it allows tape media to be natively read in a LTO tape drive without any special tape software.

I would like to make a 2nd copy of my material. Do you support this?

Yes, we support 2nd copy. Second copies can be created and exported for offsite DR purposes.

How do I search for my content in the deep archives?

You can discover your deep archives from the same search you use today. The discovery of stories from Wellspring is transparent to users.

Can I search for my content from my newsroom computer system?

  • Yes

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