The produce once, publish anywhere, anytime solution from Bitcentral.

Created to optimize workflows for news and news related operations; producers, journalists and editors can now control and securely distribute content from anywhere at any time with the highest efficiency and rock-solid reliability. MultiPath’s “produce once, publish anywhere, anytime” approach promotes efficient workflows that maximize the value of media across multiple platforms, targeting and delivering across website, apps, social media and syndication simultaneously.










MultiPath brings everything together in one module that provides a full view of the complete media publishing process. Once a publishing event has been created, a structured and intuitive interface guides the user in selecting and managing multiple publishing output events, targeting OVP’s, CMS and social media accounts.

Bitcentral's MultiPath, your singular workflow for digital and on air

Enhanced Video Player

• Supports closed captioning across all publishing points.
• Attaches external timed text files.
• Takes user selected thumbnail images directly from the video or external uploaded poster image.

Authorization System

• Contains the ability to delete social media posts.
• Offers automatic scheduling or manual settings with start and end dates.
• Supports full user publishing authorization with audit
trail tracking.

Integrated Authoring Pane

• Populates automatically based on distribution output selections.
• Consolidates views of the content across all select platforms.
• Logs every modification made by date and person.

Unified Publishing Output Panel

• Manages multiple social media accounts to support station, programs and individual journalists.
• Achieves extensibility through modular publishing profiles for custom integration.
• Tracks publishing process from scheduled distribution to preset expiration or manual delete.
• Provides individual status updates.

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