Central Control Playout

Delivering intelligent playout automation, the Playout Module is at home in the most demanding live broadcast environments, delivering a deep set of versatile tools and the ability to adapt on the fly.

Central Control Playout
Central Control Playout GUI

Designed to maximize functionality and versatility, this multiple input/output (multi-I/O) device can be utilized as a single-channel integrated playout server or operate multiple channels using an enterprise-level “hub and spoke” model.

Featuring multiresolution analysis (MRA) and coder-decoder (codec) capabilities for closed captioning (CC) and other forms of embedded data, the Modular Playout System can handle all aspects of daily broadcast operation, routing your original high-definition programming files to air with exceptional precision and resolution.

Central Control Ingest Module

The Central Control Playout Module features frame-accurate, DVI-quality graphic overlay and full pullback functions. Adaptability and ease of modification have placed the system at the cutting edge of master control playback technology.

The Playout Module integrates the latest advancements in broadcast exchange format (BXF) data conversation, router control, and station automation, along with a rich scalable set of enterprise server hardware, file sharing, monitoring, open standard remote control API (application program interface), and built-in N+1 redundancy.

Central Control Playout GUI Window

The Central Control Playout Module stands up to a continuous, heavy-duty ingest and playout schedule, delivering high-quality results every time. And because it’s supported by enterprise-level HPE servers with a wide range of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) tools, this system is both reliable and easy to use.

Stressing rock-solid stability and versatile functionality, the Central Control Playout Module gives you a full suite of state-of-the-art management and automation features that will serve your station for years to come. With a modular design, the Playout Module is able to grow with your operation, whether you demand a robust and streamlined centralized ingest or a highly localized, multi-channel environment across geographically diverse locations. When paired with the Central Control Ingest Module, the Playout Module fits beautifully into large and elaborate shared-storage models.

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